Sailor Moon Boycott




As many of you have heard, Viz Media has licensed all forms of the Sailor Moon anime for North America. They have also announced that they will create a new English dub of the old anime as well as the new Sailor Moon Crystal.

I promised that I would leave the fandom if this…

What sort of fresh hell?

Someone please help me stop laughing at this melodramatic bullshit.  Yes, I will call it what it is.  Boycotting a program that is being redubbed to more fully represent the material as originally created and aired in it’s native language, rather than re-releasing the Anglicised adaption that is riddled with translation errors, hacked to bits edited to be ‘more suitable’ for children, and changes names and sexes of main characters?  OH THE HORROR!!!!  Fans have only been asking for these changes for years.

So yes, have fun with your silly little boycott, in which I’m sure you will be joined by PRECISELY NO ONE.  I will be sure to give Viz more of my money to make up for it.

Had to login just to reblog this because it’s hilarious. She is angry at the actual creator Naoko Takeuchi, for “taking over the anime” and Viz for “censoring” out the censorship of the first English dub and returning it to the original content.